Discovery Boxes

Unlock the world of sake with our discovery boxes. Perfect for beginners looking to dive into the rich history and flavors of this traditional Japanese beverage.

Tsuchida Discovery Box

Experience the audacious creations of Tsuchida in Singapore, as they delight in uncovering new and exciting flavors in the world of Sake.

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Hiraizumi Seasonal Box

Hiraizumi Seasonal Box invites you on a journey to explore the essence of Akita's Four Seasons. Sample Summer & Spring editions, embracing the unique characteristics of each season for a delicious Usinigori experience.

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Normally a traditional homemade drink, doburoku has a long history dating back centuries. It fed the souls and minds of impoverished farmers, and was even offered to the Gods for a better harvest. As sake was only affordable for the upper classes, this was the booze for the humble and working-class people in Japan.
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