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Narai - Suginomori

Narai - Suginomori

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Suginomori Narai (Rice)


Experience the exquisite taste of Narai-Suginomori sake, crafted with care between 2021 and 2023 using a selection of three locally grown rice varieties - Kinmon Nishiki, Sankei Nishiki, and Miyama Nishiki.

To maintain a pure and unbiased tasting, the specifics of the rice and polishing ratios are undisclosed. This premium sake is made with the pristine mountain waters of Narai, resulting in a luxurious and aromatic flavor with a smooth mouthfeel and delicate effervescence.

Our brewery is situated in the charming Narai-juku, a historical and well-preserved town in Nagano Prefecture. The fresh mountain water from the nearby Kiso Valley, known for its clarity and rare water hardness of less than 25, lends a unique character to our sake. Indulge in the beauty of nature with Narai-Suginomori sake.


Mountain water of Narai, rice from Azumino, Sake yeast (Kyokai No.7)
Volume: 720ml
Rice Polishing Ratio: Undisclosed (Junmai Daiginjyo class)
Alcohol Content: 14%
Place of Production: Narai-juku, Nagano

Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated (5 -10°C) and store vertically in a cool, dark place.


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