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Tsuchida K

Tsuchida K

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K is a manufacturing method that prepares sake with sake. The rich sweetness goes well with sweets.

"K" is sake that is brewed by replacing the brewing water used in the third stage of the three-stage brewing process with sake . If you are familiar with Japanese sake, you may have guessed that it is the manufacturing method.
Due to adult circumstances, the manufacturing method cannot be used as the product name, so it is not indicated on the label.

The K in “Initial K” stands for the initial letter of the manufacturing method, but it also stands
for “connecting” people to sake, food to sake, and people to people. named.

It overturns the image of sweet sake = dessert sake, and has great potential as a sake to accompany a meal.
Of course, it goes well with sweets such as dried fruits and cheesecake. For meals,
try pairing it with Chinese cuisine such as mapo tofu with sansho pepper, sweet and spicy shrimp chili, and spicy ethnic cuisine. Cold sake, room temperature, and lukewarm sake will change the expression and will connect with your meal.

Specific name: Junmai
Raw rice: Gunma Prefecture
Rice Polishing ratio: 90%
Preparation water: Underflow water of the Hotaka mountain Range
Koji ratio: 22%
Koji starter: Yellow for shochu Yeast
Yeast: Kyokai No. 701
Shubo Production method: Kimoto
Alcohol content 17%
SMV: -28
Acidity: 1.7
Storage method: Room temperature storage

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