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Mùa Craft Sake - Pineapple Chili

Mùa Craft Sake - Pineapple Chili

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Mùa Craft Sake is proud to present our seasonal sake series, the CT25, carefully crafted with seasonal Vietnamese fruits and botanicals. This limited release features a prized crop of Vietnam, the ST25 Rice varietal grown in Sóc Trāng.

We chose the white stork (Cò Trāng), a symbol of Vietnam humble agrarian culture, to pay respect to the hardworking farmers who cultivate the fields through the ever changing seasons.

This sake is infused with Pineapple and Chili, and yes, it's spicy!
Very interesting experimentation from this young and promising brewery in Ho Chi Min.

Very limited quantities available.

ABV: 8%,


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