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Hiraizumi Seasonal Box

Hiraizumi Seasonal Box

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Hiraizumi Seasonal Box invites you on a journey to explore the essence of Akita's Four Seasons. Sample Summer, Spring & Autumn editions, embracing the unique characteristics of each season for a delicious experience.

Established in 1487, during the Muromachi period, Hiraizumi has the longest history in the Tohoku region and is Japan's third-largest sake brewery. Founded by the Saito family in 1487, the first year of Chokyo, the legacy continued when Yoshimasa Ashikaga built Ginkakuji Temple in Higashiyama, Kyoto three years later. The Saito family is now headed by the twenty-sixth generation, with the name "Izumiya" indicating their origins in Senshu, Kansai (now Izumisano City, Osaka). The family moved to Nigaho in Nikaho.

"The exceptional purity of the surrounding waters" Ryokan, the famous monk from the Horeki to the Tenpo period, had a friend who lived in Nikaho - MasudaMasudaKukiKyuboku. He wrote a famous phrase in a letter to Ryokan: "the exceptional purity of the surrounding waters". In other words, ``hira'' is a combination of ``fly'' and ``good'', which refers to the Hirasawa area, while ``white'' and ``water'' form ``izumi'' when stacked. This suggests the Saito family had its origins in Senshu. Until then, Kinki's boastful tale of the golden turtle spread, giving rise to the sake brand "Hirasen".
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