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Tsuchida Discovery Box

Tsuchida Discovery Box

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Tsuchida Sake Brewery is situated in Kawaba, a small village of 3,100 people in Gunma Prefecture, a mountainous region northwest of Tokyo. Established in 1907, it has been a family operation for six generations. With some breweries running over 400 years, we know we are not one of the oldest ones. Our production is medium-small size compared to the 1,500 other sake breweries existing in Japan.

Sake delivered in the box:

  1. Craft 12
  2. 99
  3. Label K

Sake making at Tsuchida Sake Brewery takes twice as long compared to the modernized method, is more difficult and more labor intensive. However, we believe it is worth it for the natural sake it produces with elegant and rich complexity with layers of flavors, as well as lingering long finish. And with innovative spirit and the legacy of our ancestors, we make the best use of modern equipment and advances in IT and chemistry. We attempt to utilize old and new wisdom, and carry on our knowledge and skills to the next generation.


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