Fukugen - Nagano Prefecture

For 264 years, Fukugen Sake Brewery has been operating in Ikeda-cho, Azumino, Shinshu, overlooking the Northern Alps. Today, the brewery remains as serious about "brewing delicious sake." The specialty is the "aged sake" they have been producing since the 1980s. The sake is brewed to perfection, giving it a deep flavor

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Fukugen Nektar Nigori Genshu
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Fukugen Junmai Daiginjo Genshu
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Fukugen Junmai Nama Genshu
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Fukugen Fukumimi Junami Ginjo Genshu
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Fukugen Fukumimi Junmai Ginjo Sparkling
At Fukugen, the mash is pressed, filtered, and pasteurized, and then aged for 18 months for regular sake and 24 months or more for aged sake. This storage period apparently gives the sake various distinctive flavors

"A fine wine's flavor improves when aged for 10 or 20 years. The same goes for sake; well-made, robust sake doesn't lose its flavor. That's what I focused on, and I wanted to make an 'aged sake' that would develop a richer flavor the longer it was aged."

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