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Konohanano 'Pontianak' - Sour Doburoku

Konohanano 'Pontianak' - Sour Doburoku


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  • Region: Tokyo, Kanto
  • Brewery Name: ALL[W]RIGHT
  • Brand Name: Konohanano
  • Product Name: PONTIANAK

  • Style: Sonota Jozo Shu (Doburoku)
  • Method: Unfiltered
  • Rice: Undisclosed
  • Yeast: Undisclosed
  • Seimaibuai: Undisclosed
  • Alcohol: Undisclosed
  • Three Words: Bright, Sour Soother, Juicy, Refreshing
  • Service Temperature: Cold

  • Available Sizes: 720ml

Know More:

Pontianak was named after a female vampire or ghost in Malay folklore.

With gentle sweetness and slight sourness, this is the Doburoku which combines Japanese sake and sake lees with a potential good effect to health and beauty. PONTIANAK uses unpolished rice as it is, so it contains excellent nutritional value. This doburoku renews the image of doburoku. A new era for doburoku starts from Tokyo.

Strong sourness and sharpness in taste. By using a white koji, which is normally used to make Shochu, this doburoku is characterized as dry and sharp in taste with sourness from the citric acid of the koji used for it. This can be enjoyed with blending the PONTIANAK to find your taste. This is a collaboration between Konohanano and Kabuki Works in Singapore.


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