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Fukugen Nektar Nigori Genshu

Fukugen Nektar Nigori Genshu

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Crafted by Fukugen Shuzo, nestled in the Azumino valley of the Shinshu region in Nagano Prefecture, this Nigori Sake embodies the essence of its surroundings. With roots dating back over 260 years, Fukugen is a venerable sake brewery situated beneath the breathtaking Northern Japanese Alps, where it sources natural spring water for its brewing process.

The name "Fukugen" derives from the phrase “Ippuku Shomanfuku,” symbolizing the belief that a single scoop of sake brings forth various forms of good fortune.

Established in 1758, Fukugen Shuzo continues its legacy under the guidance of Seiko Hirabayashi, the 18th generation head of the family and current President.

This brewery specialises in producing aged sake and this nigori is also aged. Very unique and incredible texture.

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