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Fukugen Fukumimi Junami Ginjo Genshu

Fukugen Fukumimi Junami Ginjo Genshu

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  • Region: Nagano, Chubu
  • Brewery Name: Fukugen
  • Brand Name: Fukugen

  • Style: Junmai Ginjo Genshu
  • Method: Sokujo
  • Rice: Hitogokochi
  • Yeast: NA
  • Seimaibuai: 59%
  • Alcohol: 16%
  • SMV: -2
  • Service Temperature: Cold or Room Temperature

  • Available Sizes: 720ml

Crafted with meticulous care, this sake boasts a fresh acidity and a clean finish, typical of Junmai Ginjo.

Made from sake rice polished to 59%, it pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes and can be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature.

Led by the 17th generation owner, Juno Hirabayashi, and succeeded by 18th generation owner Seiko, this small brewery in Azumino, Shinshu (Nagano), prides itself on handcrafted quality.

Steeped in history, their brewing process starts in the cold winter months (kanzukuri), ensuring a distinctive taste that embodies the essence of Azumino

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