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Tsubosaka Shuzo

Tsubosaka Honjozo

Tsubosaka Honjozo


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Region: Hyogo, Kinki
Brewery Name: Tsubosaka Brewery
Brand Name: Tsubosaka
Product Name: 'Honjozo'

Style: Honjozo
Method: Sokujo, Filtered
Rice: Miyamanishiki from Miyama, Fukui
Yeast: undisclosed
Seimaibuai: 60%
Alcohol: 15%
Three Words: Puffed Rice, Umami, Rich
Service Temperature: Cold, Room Temperature, Warm

Available Sizes: 720ml

Know More:

At Tsubosaka, the 15th generation brewery owner known as Masaaki San was researching sake and he discovered that by warming it to 'body temperature (35-37 degrees)', a harmonious set of flavors were 'bulging' and the aroma of rice and koji intensified. This sake was first released in 1983, and the formula has not changed since!

The label famously says in Japanese: Drink it hot, but not too hot! This phrase is a reminder that not all 'hot' sake needs to be consumed hot! It can be warm or room temperature, too!

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