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Sundayʼs Coffee Shochu

Sundayʼs Coffee Shochu

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Sunday’s Spirits has worked with world-renowned coffee roasters, including Stumptown (from Portland), La Colombe (from Philadelphia), and Beyond Coffee Roasters (from Kobe, Japan), to create 3 versions of their coffee-infused shochu.

Sunday’s Coffee Shochu is currently made with beans from Beyond Coffee Roasters and rice shochu from Tsubosaka Brewery in Hyogo, Japan.

Beyond Coffee Roasters is run by Bunn-san, who started his business after traveling the world to find the best coffee beans. Bunn-san roasts individual batches one at a time and works with the Yardbird team directly to produce the specific roast that works best for Sunday’s Coffee Shochu.

Each bottle of coffee shochu contains Yardbird’s recipe of rice shochu, Sumatra beans, and a special Japanese rock sugar. Matured and monitored under Tsubosaka’s unique climate and conditions for a minimum of 45 days, it is then bottled in small batches.

Notes: Roasted coffee, surprisingly savoury & mildly sweet

Volume: 720mls
ABV: 22%
Serve: Over ice or with tonic

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