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Masumi Miyasaka Junmai Ginjo

Masumi Miyasaka Junmai Ginjo

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Cornerstone of the Miyasaka series. Showcases number seven’s gentle all-round flavor and clean acidity using Miyama Nishiki sake rice. Association No. 7 yeast is characterized by a mild flavor and fresh acid. It is a flagship product of the series.

No. 7 yeast, famous for "Masumi yeast" which is picked from Miyasaka brewing company and Miyamanishiki which is produced in Nagano. Miyasaka brand is new brand to get spot light on No. 7 yeast which is the roots of Sake brewing for Miyasaka brewing company. No.7 yeast makes gentle flavour, comfortable acid and well balanced taste Sake. No. 7 yeast is widely spread and used in Japan for Sake brewing.

  • Brand: Masumi
  • Prefecture: Nagano
  • Type: Junmai Ginjo
  • Rice: Miyama Nishiki
  • Yeast: No. 7
  • Alcohol: 16%
  • Sake Meter Value (SMV): +2
  • Rice Polishing ratio: 55%
  • Serving Temperature: Chilled, Slightly warm


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