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Funasaka Shuzo 'Miyamagiku' Daiginjo

Funasaka Shuzo 'Miyamagiku' Daiginjo

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  • Region: Gifu
  • Brewery Name: Funasaka Shuzo
  • Brand Name: Funasaka
  • Style: Daiginjo
  • Method: Sokujo, Filtered
  • Rice: Gohyakumangoku
  • Yeast: undisclosed
  • Seimaibuai: 45%
  • Alcohol: 16%

  • Service Temperature: Cold

  • Available Sizes: 720ml

Know More:

Miyamagiku, the signature Daiginjo of Funasaka Shuzo, features a rich aroma and refreshing taste; it pairs well with any type of cuisine - truly versatile!

The sake rice used for this sake is specially grown for this release and is polished to 45% of its original size. With honed technique, the sake is slowly fermented to perfection at low temperature.

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