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Endo Shuzo Char Tempel-Tuttle

Endo Shuzo Char Tempel-Tuttle

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Region: Nagano, Chubu
BreweryName: Endo Shuzo
Brand Name: Char
Product Name: Tempel-Tuttel
Style: Junmai Ginjo
Method: Sokujo

Rice: Suisei, made in Hokkaido
Yeast: No.9
Seimaibuai: 59%
Alcohol: 14%
SMV: 4.3
Flavour profile: Dry

Three Words: Cherry Blossom, Fresh Cream, Swedish Berry
Service Temperature: Cold

Know More:
This limited edition sake is made with 100% Hokkaido-grown "Suisei" sake rice. The clear, refreshing taste of Suisei rice is combined with the fruity aroma of the No. 9 yeast, creating a fragrant and flavorful sake. It is a sharp, dry type of Junmai Ginjo sake with a finish reminiscent of a shooting star disappearing. The sake is named after the "Tempel-Tuttle Comet," which is known as the parent body of the Leonid meteor shower. The design features an image of a shattered block of ice representing a comet, as well as fragments of a comet that form the basis of a meteor shower.
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