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Tsuchida Kimoto

Tsuchida Kimoto

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Tsuchida Kimoto has a relatively high milling rate of 60% at Tsuchida Brewery. (Though this is not generally considered highly polished rice.) In contrast to Shin-Tsuchida, which has a milling rate of 90% and is made without added yeast, Tsuchida Kimoto, though made in the same brewery using the same method, has a completely different character.

Shin-Tsuchida is characterized by the rich umami of rice and the complexity brought about by wild yeast. On the other hand, Tsuchida Kimoto, brewed with Kyokai No. 701 yeast, is known for its flavorful yet light and clear aftertaste.

The taste is thoroughly suitable as a companion to meals. The natural lactic acid bacteria bring out a perfect balance of sourness and umami, and its clear aftertaste enhances the flavor of the food. It goes well with all kinds of dishes - Japanese or Western, meat, fish, or vegetables - and changes its character whether served cold, at room temperature, or warmed.

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