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Tsuchida F

Tsuchida F

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"Initial F" is resurrected and re-appearel

F = Fantastic's F

It didn't turn out the way it was originally intended, but it's the sake that keeps trying. It was born from the work of microorganisms beyond our imagination.
Basically, it has a sweet and sour taste, but since it is a non-reproducible product, the quality of sake varies greatly depending on the year of brewing.
It has a relatively easy-to-drink finish with little peculiarity.
Self-aging is also recommended. It is easy to match with meat dishes and Western dishes, and goes well with marinades, carpaccio, and Japanese vinegared dishes.
You can enjoy it with a variety of meals without being bound by the framework of sake.

・Raw material rice: Cooked rice from Gunma Prefecture

mountain underground water (Kanto 100 selections of famous water)
・Koji ratio: 23%
・Koji starter: yellow koji for shochu
Yeast: Association No. 701
Alcohol content: 14% (genuine sake)
SMV: -29,
Acidity: 7.1
Pasteurization: 1 time
Storage method: can be stored at room temperature

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