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Takamasamune - Sake Gin Yuzu

Takamasamune - Sake Gin Yuzu

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This Japanese gin uses sake as a base spirit.
Once we made sake distilled, macerated it with botanicals, and distilled it again.

We only chose simple but high quality botanicals to maximise the flavour of the yuzu and juniper berries. What makes this Yuzu Gin special is that it brings out the sweetness and itself of the Japanese yuzu and the woody texture of the juniper berry.

A gorgeous and invigorating impression sets the stage for this delightful offering. The aroma of freshly grated yuzu peel fills the senses, evoking a vibrant and fresh experience.

The mouthfeel is clean and light, with a balanced interplay of sweetness and bitterness. The citrus flavor lingers gracefully into the aftertaste, leaving a refreshing sensation on the palate.

When mixed with soda, an additional layer of umami sweetness emerges, enhancing its appeal as a versatile choice.

Best paired with grilled fish, grilled chicken, or dishes where a touch of lemon garnish is desired, this libation complements these culinary delights impeccably.

Serving it with hot water intensifies the aroma, akin to a glass brimming with yuzu. The mouthfeel is accompanied by a pleasantly bitter note reminiscent of yuzu peel, elevating the taste and harmonizing superbly with richly seasoned meat dishes and miso-infused delicacies.

How to Enjoy:
Keep it versatile—whether straight, in a classic gin and tonic, or even with hot water for a unique twist. The latter unveils a sweet freshness, making it a delightful companion for any meal. At a robust 47% alcohol content, this 720ml bottle of Eirin Sake Brewery Gin is a testament to the art of blending sake with gin.

  • Region: Fukuoka
  • Ingredients: Yuzu, juniper berries only
  • Alcohol: 47%


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