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Fernet Hunter

Fernet Hunter

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  • Region: Brunnwald, Austria
  • Producer Name: Fernet Hunter
  • Brand Name: Fernet Hunter
  • Product Name: Fernet Hunter

  • Size: 700 mL
  • Alcohol: 29%

Know More:

Fernet Hunter is a fresh take on a classic Italian bitter. Using a recipe that dates back to the early 1900, this aromatic spirit is made from a select combination of botanicals, including Arnica, Orrisroot, and Lavender, which are found in and around the Austrian town and forest of Brunnwald.

These herbs and spices are handpicked and dried during the hunting season, hence the name Fernet Hunter. Utilizing a low-temperature infusion method, the true essence of each ingredient is extracted, which gives Fernet Hunter its unique character and balance.

Fernet Hunter can be enjoyed in many ways, but it is best consumed chilled - with soda, tea, or in cocktails.

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