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Endo Keiryu Junmai

Endo Keiryu Junmai

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  • Region: Nagano, Chubu
  • Brewery Name: Endo Shuzo
  • Brand Name: Keiryu
  • Product Name: Junmai

  • Style: Junmai
  • Method: Sokujo
  • Rice: Miyamanishiki
  • Yeast: 1801
  • Seimaibuai: 70%
  • SMV: -1
  • Alcohol: 15%
  • Service Temperature: Cold

  • Available Sizes: 720ml

Know More:

A delicately matured and elegant aroma, along with a smooth and mellow texture. This sake has a robust and rich flavor, showcasing the umami of rice, and offers a soft and expansive taste with a refreshing aftertaste.

Monde Selection 5-time consecutive gold award-winning sake!

Keiryu is the lead label produced by Endo Sake Brewery. Located in Suzaka, Nagano Prefecture, the brewery was founded in 1864 for the local Suzaka clan and began to supply sake to the clan's head. Since then, from the second to the fifth generation, we have inherited the intention of the first brewer, Endo Tokusaburo, to make delicious sake and continue to make sake to brew and nurture.


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