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Masumi Karakuchi Gold Futsushu

Masumi Karakuchi Gold Futsushu

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Even with its flavour-fulness, the light dryness and mild fragrance makes this an easy-to-drink sake that is perfect during a meal. Far from being a drink that can get easily boring, this is an item that sake lovers will surely enjoy. It can be paired with a wide range of food such as Japanese style grilled chicken, stew, tempura and tomato capellini

  • Brand: Masumi
  • Prefecture: Nagano
  • Type: Futsushu
  • Rice: Miyama Nishiki, Hitogokochi and Akita-komachi
  • Alcohol: 15%
  • Sake Meter Value (SMV): +3
  • Rice Polishing ratio: 68%
  • Serving Temperature: Slighltly warm


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