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Kurokohaku 50 Years Kijoshu

Kurokohaku 50 Years Kijoshu

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KUROKOHAKU is a product of Shiratamachi terroir for which its existence itself is miraculous, and it is finally going on sale.

This Shiratamachi terroir "KUROKOHAKU" kijoshu koshu (aged sake) was brewed over a three-year period starting in 1972 in preparation for the development of kijoshu.

The rich nose and deep taste are truly unique.
At the IWC (International Wine Challenge), the world’s largest competition, it earned the trophy for the #1 aged sake in the world.

In order to elevate this miraculous sake which can never be brewed again into a true product of the Shiratamachi terroir, it has been wrapped in 100% mulberry fiber Miyama washi paper, a traditional craft of the area with a nearly 400-year history, and packaged in a wooden box made by globally-praised woodworking artisans from natural wood materials cut from the Shiratamachi cedar forests.

The "SakeArtisan project" created this limited-edition miraculous KUROKOHAKU product in cooperation with the brewer, Kamogawa Shuzo. Sales will be limited to a total of 200 pieces for the year. The cost per set is 1,000,000 yen plus tax (for Japanese purchases, 1,100,000 yen total). Please be aware that pricing may change after this year as the product availability becomes increasingly scarce.

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