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Endo Shuzo Char 39 McNaught

Endo Shuzo Char 39 McNaught

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Region: Nagano, Chubu
BreweryName: Endo Shuzo
Brand Name: Char
Product Name: 39 McNaught
Style: Junmai Daiginjo
Method: Sokujo

Rice: Miyamanishiki
Yeast: 1801
Seimaibuai: 39%
Alcohol: 15%
SMV: -1
Flavour profile: Slightly Dry

Three Words: Ripe banana, Pineapple, Blossom aromas
Service Temperature: Cold

Know More:
Special A Miyama nishiki is used for this sake. With polishing ratio at 39%, to the core of rice, a Junmai Daiginjo is brewed. It has a impressive Mellow and fruity fragrance. When it is in the mouth, you can feel its smooth texture and the pure sweetness of rice. The finish is refreshing and disappears quickly like a comet. A wine glass is recommended to enjoy this beautiful Junmai Daiginjo
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